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Just amazing how the studies on coffee (likewise eggs and many other foods) have swung back and forth over the years. Remember when coffee was the worst thing ever? Now lookit:


Officially, the American Medical Association recommends conservatively that “moderate tea or coffee drinking likely has no negative effect on health, as long as you live an otherwise healthy lifestyle.” That is a lackluster endorsement in light of so much recent glowing research. Not only have most of coffee’s purported ill effects been disproven — the most recent review fails to link it the development of hypertension — but we have so, so much information about its benefits. We believe they extend from preventing Alzheimer’s disease to protecting the liver. What we know goes beyond small-scale studies or limited observations. The past couple of years have seen findings, that, taken together, suggest that we should embrace coffee for reasons beyond the benefits of caffeine, and that we might go so far as to consider it a nutrient.

Of course, likely not so good if you’re one of those people who doses your coffee with lots of cream (or, god forbid, non-dairy-creamer artificial nastiness) and sugar. I come from a line of long-lived, black-coffee-drinking Nordic folk who clearly knew what they were about. I found these results particularly fascinating:


The data is even more intriguing — and more convincing — for caffeine’s effects as a salve against more existential pains. While a small study this month found that concentrated amounts of caffeine can increase positivity in the moment, last September the nurses’ cohort demonstrated a neat reduction in depression rates among women that became stronger with increased consumption of caffeinated coffee.

So, java jive!

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(FB friend credits Christina Mazzalupo but I canna find this on her site)

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