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Speaking of Japan, the great gaijin has passed on to other realms:


Donald Richie, a prominent American critic and writer on Japan who helped introduce much of the English-speaking world to the golden age of Japanese cinema in 1959 and recounted his expatriate life there spanning seven decades, died on Tuesday in Tokyo. He was 88.

…Mr. Richie wrote prolifically, not just on film and culture in Japan but also on his own travels and experiences there. He won recognition for his soul-baring descriptions of a Westerner’s life in an impenetrable but permissive society that held him politely at arm’s length while allowing him to explore it nonetheless, from its classical arts to its seedy demimonde.

Openly bisexual, Mr. Richie also wrote frankly about his lovers, both male and female, saying Japan’s greater tolerance of homosexuality in the 1940s, relative to that in the United States, was one reason he returned to the country after graduating from Columbia University in 1953. Mr. Richie first saw Tokyo as a bombed-out ruin, arriving in 1947 as a 22-year-old typist with the Allied Occupation forces after serving on transport ships during the war. He spent most of the next 66 years in Tokyo, gaining a following among Western readers for textured descriptions of Japan and its people that transcended Western stereotypes.


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So sweet. I love Sullivan’s combination of smarts, passion, and vulnerability here. (Also, look– he had hair! and it was blond! And no beard!) Well worth watching the whole interview. There isn’t a way to embed it that I can figure out, so follow the link. The discussion focuses on Sully’s book Virtually Normal, and I thought Charlie Rose did a great job with the interview, particularly considering the year. Dish readers will get the added perspective of Sully now and then, but I think anyone who appreciates an intelligent airing of gay rights issues, especially from someone who identifies as a conservative (but not in the fun-house-mirror sense of the current GOP), will find this an engaging discussion.

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While this sounds like good news, I have a feeling Alan Chambers isn’t going to last much longer as president and Exodus will be back to its regularly scheduled reprogramming. Still, progress that such a high-profile member is changing his tune.


The ex-gay movement has been convulsed as the leader of Exodus, in a series of public statements and a speech to the group’s annual meeting last week, renounced some of the movement’s core beliefs. Alan Chambers, 40, the president, declared that there was no cure for homosexuality and that “reparative therapy” offered false hopes to gays and could even be harmful. His statements have led to charges of heresy and a growing schism within the network.

…He said Exodus could no longer condone reparative therapy, which blames homosexuality on emotional scars in childhood and claims to reshape the psyche. And in a theological departure that has caused the sharpest reaction from conservative pastors, Mr. Chambers said he believed that those who persist in homosexual behavior could still be saved by Christ and go to heaven.

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The inimitable Parker strikes again. Happy gay pride month, y’all.

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