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My inner ’70s kid squealed in delight about these babies. I’ve seen some behind-the-scenes photos before, but not most of these. Three of my faves below, but that’s just the tip of the Hoth ice shelf, so run, don’t walk, here.






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Germper Kert!

Photo is linked to the original poster. Found amidst the fine collection on Grumpy Cat Tumblr, wherein there is much win, but so many repeated posts that you’ll soon find yourself with a serious case of deja vu if you scroll for long.


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Happy belated birthday, Bay Bridge! Sheesh… I live in Oakland, fer chrissakes, and I didn’t hear a peep about this last year. (I’m sure someone peeped. But not very loudly. And really, such is the nature of peeps.) I know the city’s not exactly the picture of financial health, but geez. We could’ve used some hoopla for our beloved bridge. The Golden Gate gets all the glory. Well, at least there’s this fabulous slideshow over on SFGate to check out, which features some amusing captions and interesting tidbits. I had no idea the lower deck used to be reserved for trucks and rail, and car traffic went in both directions on the upper deck. And the bridge had pedestrian walkways! We lost pedestrian walkways?? Boy oh boy. To think we’ve had all this struggle to get bike lanes/walkways in and here they were part of the original design.

A view from the top/Chronicle file 1936


At the time of its Nov. 12, 1936 completion, the Bay Bridge was called the most complicated construction project in U.S. history. The parade of a million people in its honor was the largest in city history. People sat in eight hours of traffic to cross the bridge — and then declared that it was worth the wait.

I’m a huge Bay Bridge fan. Strictly from a functional point of view, it’s the most important bridge in the Bay Area. And it has a unique beauty, with the western and eastern spans reflecting each side of the bay. (In some ways I like the blue collar cantilever eastern span even more — I will miss it when it’s gone, but I’ll still have this T-shirt.)

I am so running off to get that Oaklandish T-shirt. I will be sad to see the eastern span retired when the new one is finally ready (on Labour Day weekend next year, allegedly). I miss those years of morning commutes to SF via casual carpool (shout out to casual carpool!), taking in the gorgeous views from the upper decks– not just of the bay but of the handsome architecture of towers and cable. Here’s to another 75 years (and many more) for our less famous but well-loved bridge, newly bolstered to ride out whatever rock ‘n’ roll the fault lines kick up. Which I hope isn’t much. For a long, long time.

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Jubilee celebrations: Horses ride down the Mall during the carriage processionPhotograph: John Macdougall/AFP/Getty Images

The Guardian’s slideshow shows off many of the splendiferous morning-coated royals and other dignitaries. Safe to say the Brits are still reigning world champions of dapper (ok, not Boris, but he wins on personality).

And for the impatient among us, the Queen’s jubilee procession in two minutes. Rather begging for a Monty Python voice-over, innit?


Well, confound it, the embed code isn’t working for some reason. Plan B: click here to watch.

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Happy Jubilee, Ma'am!

Excellent collection of photos spanning Queen Elizabeth’s life (including some before she ascended the throne) over yon Daily Beast. Off you go.

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