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…comes back, finds the notifications pulldown refusing to load. WTH, WordPress? I hope this is very temporary.  Not cool to be flying blind on likes/follows/comments.

So. Tumblr. That’s been quite the immersion in GenY culture. I wasn’t intending to hang out with the youngsters; just got sucked into a fandom via a link on Facebook that opened out unto that strange new world. I blame it in part on sequestration; I mean really, could the news have gotten any less interesting to track & comment on at that point?  Not that a few things haven’t happened since… I expect my commentating energies will reappear at some future date. Or a desire to post about Wheat Thins or Gen X nostalgia or something. Who knows. In the meantime I’m likely to be hauling over here just to post tumblr finds that don’t fit with the focus of  my account over yonder.

I get why kids these days tend not to bother with staid platforms such as this; definitely a weird sort of social media culture shock moving back and forth. I’m still mulling the pros & cons of tumblr and what it highlights in the generational divide; I expect I’ll get around to penning a little something about it from my GenX perspective eventually. In the meantime, I can say I’ve developed some wicked Photoshop envy and am a proud inductee into the Moon Moon society.

See y’all around when my WP mood strikes…



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